How We Looked Online 2017 – Present

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As we continue with the celebrations of our Quarter Century in business – it’s time for the sixth and final installment of our series looking back at the history of the ABC Selfstore website. We were first in the industry to introduce a number of online tools and features – proof enough that we’ve always strived to provide the very best self-storage experience to ABC Selfstore Customers.

Since we first took to the airwaves of the internet in 2001 – when we’d already been in business 8 years – it’s been through an amazing 6 overhauls. Such has been the staggering pace of change online, that we’ve introduced 4 of those updates in the last 6 years. The current version – launched in 2017 – brought a graphical and user experience redesign to make it easier to navigate and help customers find exactly what they need…

Compare and contrast our 2017 update with the previous version (2016 on the top):


It’s largely the same information, structure and features, but we adopted a much less cluttered homepage where it is easier for customers to find exactly what they need.  As with everything we do – eas of use and the minimum of fuss  is key.

Time then for a quick final look at all 6 versions… and to reflect on the things that we’ve remained true to in all that time…

2001 – an html table based site with in-line styling.
Content-wise, our industry leading approach to customer service, price and value – unlike our competitors we’ve only ever charged our customers for the days they actually use their unit and always refunded the difference.

2007 – an html table based site with CSS styling. 
Once again leading the industry – our value check – which became the Price Promise guarantees we’ll match any like-for-like quote. Most significant though, was the new feature of checking unit availability and making a booking online.

2012 – a much more comprehensive Div based html site with CSS. 
Featuring our self-storage guide for new customers along with video guides by our staff and a slicker system for checking availability and booking your self storage unit.

2013 – our first fully responsive website to keep up with the pace of Smartphone adoption.

2015 – our ‘mobile first’ redesign.
Still the same great offers on Selfs Storage – just designed for mobile first – as Smartphone web browsing began to outstrip desktop computers.

2017 – the current site
More consideration given to usability and our customers being able to find exactly the information they are looking for – be that an introduction to self-storage, booking online or reading come interesting blog content on how the world needs and uses extra storage space.