ABC Selfstore acquired by Shurgard

ABC Selfstore are pleased to announce that a contract has been exchanged for the sale of our stores in Camden, Southwark and Wandsworth to Shurgard UK. Shurgard is the largest self-storage operator in Europe with a total of 232 stores, including 31 in London.

The sale is scheduled to complete on Thursday 22nd November, 2018.

We aim to minimise any disruption to the normal operation of the stores, but there will be some changes to billing in the run-up to the handover on 22nd November. In particular ABC Selfstore will:

– not be raising any further invoices for charges relating to storage after 21st November

– continue to collect payments by cheque, BACS or under existing Direct Debit instructions up to 21st November, but not thereafter

– not set up any new Direct Debit instructions or make changes to existing instructions; all existing instructions will be cancelled on or after 22nd November so there is no need for customers to contact their banks in this respect

– return any deposit ABC is holding (less any amount applied against unpaid storage charges in accordance with the storage licence agreement) by cheque shortly after 22nd November since Shurgard do not hold customer deposits

ABC Selfstore will account to Shurgard for any payments made relating to storage on or after the 22nd November. From this date Shurgard will take over billing.

Your daily rental cost with Shurgard remains the same, inclusive of existing promotions and discounts. The only practical change is that you will receive a monthly invoice, payable by the 1st of each month, compared to ABC’s current billing cycle. Shurgard will raise a first interim invoice on or shortly after 22nd November in order to align with its monthly billing cycle.

Shurgard will also contact you directly regarding new arrangements for billing, payments and any changes to storage terms and conditions on or shortly after 22nd November.

In the meantime if you have any questions about this announcement please contact your ABC store as normal in the first instance.

After 22nd November you will be able to contact ABC regarding any issues relating to matters prior to handover via email at

Kind regards ABC Selfstore & Shurgard Self-Storage